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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sledding in Saint George

Emma Rose so brave first one down 
Mom and J.J 
Uncle Chuck and J.J so cute

Final talked him in to doing it  a lone 
My brave J.J final going down a lone
Emma and Mom (Me)

SO sledding there not much I can add to this only it has been year from the time I lift for school let only been married that I had been sledding. I didn't realize how I missed it till got invited to sledding that day. By the way Thomas was there in his only little snow suit. Should got picture of him in that he couldn't move at all. But sad to say we were having to much fun with all of this, going down hill our selves.  It sure helped with the home sickness I felt that day. 

moister snow what ever you call all that white stuff it can be fun somethings

home in Saint George
Grandparents in Boston
Moister That word makes me laugh giggle snicker whatever you want to call it when your trying hard to not to laugh during someone opening or closing prayer in a meeting at church. Be from Boston we call it what it is Rain, Sleet, Snow, Hail it all has it own fun name because some it worse the other to us. But whatever it is coming from heaven ye it is moister but please call it what it is man it's got different name for good reason. I mean you say so now at home ok how much depends on weather there is school. Some not all but a lot of native don't know how to drive in a inches or less so if we got more on man they would there would be massive confuse n. Also if does stick there the need to play in it with as long as it's here like you seen with our snow men. So moister weather it's all that white stuff or rain it can be trouble if get to warm to fast here. We have bad flooding that just a short five and half year ago almost took out my in laws house. Not to meant those who sadly did lose there homes. Even so when it he creek or river whatever you call the water running though the area before the flood. After it's been rain like does at home for just a day or even a couple have a raging river that for  whatever reason people have seen before have to stop and look at still on the high way no less. I sorry drive me crazy if I was behind you on the high way I am sorry but I started scream yelling to move out my way. At which my five year daughter asked me what wrong mom are you ok. Yea I am ok it's must the rain making everyone think they have to stray at it. I like the smell of rain and snow they smell different here then they do at home don't believe. Live here and there ( Boston) you will know the differences.  Either way I like both but please call it what it is.. :0)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Where my heart want to be for the moment

I  have been a little home sick lately and not so much home sick as I am family sick. Wanting and needing some time with the girls. Time with my Mom and Aunt Edie, My Emma and Alicia my sister. I miss each of these women so much Emma is with everyday but there are days I fight to send her to school. When I rather keep her home with me. Why do I miss these women out everyone in the world they know me in way that sometime I wonder if I know my self that good. Kind of how the lord know us and we think we know our selves really well till  he give us a calling and shows he know us better then we know ourselves. That is these women and my daughter. We have have not had any girls time for a bit and so I wanting to go home it's a year from the time I was last there. An I just want to be in a home were most a best time were spent together laughing. An it will not matter really what we do as long as we are together. We have taught each other some life lesson that have changed us forever. I am expecting such learning to take place every time we get together it just happens when we together all on it's own. Out all the women in my life I have learned so much from each of this girls wonderful daughter of God. I have learned to love way beyond my self and right now needing a lesson in that. Lately I have been feeling selfish and not as giving. When we were together it just happened on it own and loved that we just felt it and went with it together. We are all still together on the phone a lot but in some way that isn't enough I feel so far a way from them. I hope that we can be together when money and lords see is best. I so much just want to be spiritual up lifted and laugh with them there laughs are the best sounds in the world it make me laugh and feel light and want laugh all the time. Which I haven't been doing enough of lately. Plus there is a special power that comes from Heavenly Father daughter getting together to be with each other that you can't get anywhere else it's amazing and testimony to how important it is we are there for each other everyday if can be. So that it with this long weekend a head I want a girls weekend to go play together. But it will have to wait may be I post all the other enter I have in the works by Monday may be if I am that bored ha ha not likely my family will keep me hoping. I love my family and love the Women in my family that help me stay grounded when I feel like just flying  a way some days .

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Saturday is the day to get ready for Sunday

Welcome, Welcome, Sabbath Morning, Now we rest from ever care Welcome, Welcome, is thy Dawning Holy Sabbath Day of Prayer.

I love my dad :0)
This  January 23, 2011 Sunday I gave a lesson on keeping the sabbath day holy and it took me back to the Saturdays that we worked hard to get ready for the sabbath day. So we were on time and keeping the day holy as best we can. It was a Summer day on Saturday and we were out working in the garden weeding and cleaning the house to get ready for Sunday. We my brother and I didn't feel like working that day but with the promise of dance that night we were willing to do what we had to do. So as grumbled about our work my daddy happily sang  Saturday is a special day it's the day we get ready for Sunday we clean the house and shop at the store and weeded the garden and don't do again till Monday. This we know, but man we did not feel in the mood. But my dad so positive and up beat he was so good getting me at least excited about working to get ready for the sabbath. So as he made us laugh working hard and when we wouldn't stop complain he would do the little red hen thing putting his hand high up on his ribs saying he would do all by him self and get the reward him self. Seeing him do that and waiting for him to start strutting down one the rows like a chicken. It was funny to watch. It was really important to him and he wanted us to know it. When Sunday morning would roll around if we were at a dances or fireside late you could never till . He was up before any of us singing us a wake with Welcome Welcome Sabbath Morning Now,We Rest From Ever Care!! When we all could keep our eyes open even if was with out growling at him or each other. We would then ask both parent and dad would always say  Jason " Is it fast Sunday ?" Dad and would always say no it a SLOW Sunday so get ready. Mom would just say no. The there way you always know it was Sunday was that my dad took the time to make eggs. He would do it some week day morning but on Sunday if he wasn't sick he always made Eggs& toast. It was so nice and something we could count to fill you up and keep you full though church. I loved and Sunday morning something they were the most stressful even now. But my dad attitude made the difference for me. One last thing that made us all laugh was one morning we were late by my dad standard would just walk in five minute before normal we were there a half hour early. So we were stuck behind someone going slow and dad would say come on people we not going to church for a funeral and we thought was funny because we were head to church but not for that reason. Sunday now aren't quit the same at our house a little more stress I think for me this time because I am the parent and we just have to walk around are fence to get to church. But being late still bugs me so bad. An if we were late we sit out in hall. Odd I know but like my dad had habit or ways doing things that made him my dad so it is with my husband. An as I learn to never forget the things that my dad taught me and adds those to our everyday work and life. I am writing down my husband and my way of raising our family and adding a little bit of both our dad's and idea's and making them our own and changing what want for us and what best. But I will never forget that my dad attitude I try so hard to have the same wonderful attitude.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Muppet Treasure Island: Cabin Fever!

I am total copying Ginny blog about the whole cabin fever, but I wanted to share with you all how things been at my parents house. Every time I call this what it sounds like to me. An I am not joking I remember what was like to be stuck in the house because snow so glad I don't have to do this anymore but I know this tune all to well. Happy Early Spring Everyone :0)


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Wort hog day !!!!

Happy Wort  hog day Tomorrow Everyone
Yes, that was I said and why well this why
Emma" Mom tomorrow it Wort hog day and we, the whole school and my class are going to see it."
Me " Really what is Wort hog day, or you mean Ground Hog day, (Laugh) O your cute."
Me " Emma I don't know how you will see it you have dentist appointment tomorrow."
Emma " Mom I have to see why is that tomorrow...everyone will see it and not me, start crying and ran to her room.

I got her to claim down and dry her tears I told her we could do something special for it tomorrow if she wouldn't cry. So I am hoping they post what the Ground Hog ( Wort Hog) has to say early afternoon so she can see him and know that we are having a early spring I pray. Why well when you know that your dad and brother get extra work when it snow great. But that much snow that much extra work my family never see's, each other. I am not even there and pray that it stops now this Ground Hog see his shadow means nothing to me really. But being raised  in England they are superstitious and they believe  it all the way, so whatever comes I am going to love it and know that the Wort Hog I mean Ground Hog means well.  I just had to share my daughter excitement and total cuteness for all to know I have the best Miss Emma Rose in the world she is one of a kind. 

Love Melissa :0)

Friday, January 21, 2011

What do I want????

Dear Friends Follower and Who ever visit. What do I want  for this little blog well to share with family and friends my life and also my testimony. Granted there are some of the blog I been follow that have way more talent in writing idea's etc. But I hope to up lift them as they have me and point it out and send other friend to go and see there wonderful works. I started this out because I wanted a way to get out and be social on a level I don't always get as a stay out home mom. Which rocks but can be lonely when your children are sick with the flu and the chicken pox and all the other things we have gotten one after another. An the biggest reason to write so when I am old and don't remember all the things I said or did or don't remember everything about my family I came from traditions I have some where I can go to show them what there all about. An who some these people were. Because my brother's and my dad really don't keep journal neither does my husband someone has to write about them if I don't who will. An then there is the hopes to link this with those of my past I don't know great great great grandparents I want to learn about and hopeful write about and find out about so I can learn how it  all got to me here and now. SO that is it there you go come and go as you please and let me know if you like or not whatever but that's why like it doing and what I want for this blog :0)